Welcome to 2015

Thoughts of a healthy and peaceful 2015 now override everything else after such a harrowing week for the people of France. We will all no doubt face challenges and obstacles in the year ahead, so I go into 2015 wanting more than anything to have the strength of character and health to help me get through any dark days. This year my plans include the new e commerce site being up and running in February. The site is in construction and we are currently taking photos of stock so you will be able to purchase direct and have goods sent out to you. This is a major task – who would have thought how difficult it was to take a photo of a glass jar! We also have a stack of wonderful ercol furniture that needs to be upholstered before it can be in the shop, so January is about looking at fabrics and colour schemes. Will keep you posted on its arrival and I will be glad to see it move on because it is taking up a lot of room in the house! I am going to order some more Supermaggie sweatshirts for the spring because everyone seems to really like them and they bring a bit of cheer to the winter wardrobe, especially when you want to feel slouchy at home and am off to Top Drawer trade show next week to find the best of everything! So welcome 2015. We are happy to be here.

Posted on January 16, 2015 .