Becoming a Foodie

I am becoming obsessed with healthy eating and in between juicing my kale I am reading all matter of literature on the subject. Favourite blog @thefoodclinic from nutritionist friend Alison who runs fab workshops, cookery clinics, talks, catering and is a super foodie role model. Useful having someone on hand to give you tips on making quinoa taste interesting! Alison can cater for your special event too and I have asked her to make a birthday cake for my dad's 83rd birthday coming up. Do check out her website 

We are swiftly moving into wedding season here - so I am thrilled that I have coerced designer to design a new contemporary wedding card and it's arriving very soon. There are plenty of wedding gift ideas here, huge choice from  a rustic pair of love birds,  contemporary concrete vases, coloured glass vases, tattooed cushions, city prints,  and prints.  I can wrap your special wedding gift too so you are all set to go! 

Don't forget that you can get birthday, anniversary, wedding and engagement gifts and cards here as well as a few groovy bits for you or your home. A lovely little girl came into store this morning with her mum a Crouch Ender and the daughter said to her mum, "This is just the best shop ever!" I think I have to agree with her.

Posted on May 23, 2015 .