hettie holland
Sara Dawson


Hettie Holland is my fabulous gift and lifestyle store in Stroud Green North London, between Finsbury Park and Crouch End. 

Tucked away next to Vagabond Cafe you will find a treasure trove of unique and eclectic treats sourced from my travels and from things that interest and fascinate me. You will find old Observer Books and fossils next to beautiful Danish glass bottles, hip sweatshirts from Philadelphia, painted porcelain jewellery and scented candles from several makers plus my very own brand.

Hettie Holland is a collection of all things I like, as well as supporting young British and international independent designers, so if you come to the store your senses will be ambushed by sounds of jazz, sublime scents, colour to enrich the soul, and shapes and objects so tactile you won't want to leave.

Midcentury furniture and textiles have also heavily influenced the store, a period which is a great love of mine. My parents were lovers of great Danish design and I am still using at home their first original curtains from Heals by Lucienne Day.

The shop is styled with the shelving “Royal Deluxe” by Poul Cadovius and "Ladderex" which I was lucky enough to pick up at auction. I continue to search out great pieces of furniture to sell on, but I can’t sell my cool shelving because one day it may fit my dream house in Los Angeles.

The store was  heavily influenced by the fab stores popping up in Silver Lake and Los Feliz in Los Angeles, which I visit regularly as I have family there.  I have always loved California – my first time visit was a stop off on the way back from Australia in the early 90’s and I got to see a David Byrne concert and hang out in a motel on Santa Monica Boulevard, and cruise around in a huge open topped car. I was smitten with the place - the heat, the smells, the palm trees, mountain ranges and the huge space. I am sure you will enjoy a visit where you will see that there are quite a few ranges that come from USA, cool makers and quirky things that are just a bit different.

Hettie Holland was a female ventriloquist from Dalston, who performed in reps around the country and the Music Halls of London including the Finsbury Park Empire.  She was also my Great Grandmother and I gained from her my love of theatre, things theatrical and strange obsessions. I was lucky enough to work in the theatre for thirty years but two years ago decided to embark on a new direction.

Hettie Holland is also about me, and the brand I want to create. So far as a brand we have produced four delicious scented candles, and beautiful suede make up pouches in seven soft muted colours. More is coming, so keep checking out the website, instagram and twitter for updates.